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  1. The Strangers Among Us

    Last year during the high holidays my congregation Gan Halev asked me to give a talk to the congregation during the Yom Kippur service.  Now I am hearing the reports about the flood of unaccompanied minors coming to the United States from Central America and I saw some connections between my talk and their situation so I decided to share the text of the talk: The Strangers Among Us Good Evening. My name is Michael Scherotter. I am a father and husband and my family has been a member of Gan Halev for six years. For work, I explain technology for Microsoft and in my job as a technical evangelist...

  2. Kinetic Typography Privacy Policy

    Kinetic Typography will not collect or share your personal information. Last updated 4/30/2014

  3. Finches Nesting at our House

    Recently a pair of finches has built a nest in a light fixture on our porch in Fairfax.  I hooked up a webcam and about 5 USB extension cables to a PC to get a live feed of the Finch nest.  Take a look at the video: Finch Nest When we see any new developments, we will post updates....

  4. Architecture: My New Windows Phone App

    I just published my first Windows Phone App, Architecture , which helps users find architectural projects from around the world and nearby.  It uses projects from the Urbarama site.  Please give it a try and submit your feedback.      ...

  5. Josh McIntosh Three at Café Sweetwater in Mill Valley

  6. Bruce Springsteen at Austin City Limits

    Bruce Springsteen at Austin City Limits Medium: Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pen Media: Handmade 5”x7.5” Journal from Iona Handcrafted Books March 15, 2012 at Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas Copyright © Michael S. Scherotter 2012 See all of my journal pages and sketches from SXSW 2012 on Facebook...

  7. My Second Patent Awarded

    I just learned that I was awarded a patent for work that I did as part of a team at Mindjet creating “smart map parts”.  I look back very proudly at my four years at Mindjet in software development and business development, working with visionaries like Mike Jetter and Chris Holmes . The concrete result of my work on information visualization and using mind maps is two patents that I can stand behind.  If you are looking for a great patent attorney, I would highly recommend Tina Lessani who we worked with to define, refine, and file the patents: My Patent Portfolio...

  8. Palace Kitchen, Seattle, WA

  9. allusophoria

    Today I have made up a new word – please use it freely: allusophoria noun the sense of delight experienced on discovering the origin of a literary allusion. Usage in a sentence “Alex felt allusophoria and laughed when he realized that Nemo in Finding Nemo was named after the fictional character Captain Nemo in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” What was a time that you experienced allusophoria ?  Here’s one I experienced: Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street were characters in It’s a Wonderful Life....

  10. Fairfax Computer Camp Day 5: Kodu Games Completed

    Friday was the last day of the Fairfax Computer Camp , an informal camp that I led in my house for my 9-year-old son Alex and nine of his friends and I would say that is was an absolute success.   By the end of the week all of the campers were adept at Kodu and knew how to make computer games.  My son Alex says “it’s really fun to learn about different characters and what they can do.  For example the turtle can close its shell and open it.”  Alex programmed the shell to open and close like a shield, protecting the turtle from enemy blips and missiles.  Kodu has a...


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