The Charette Project

Michael Scherotter's Digital Playground

  1. Bologna Street Scene

    Bologna, Italy – 1/3/1992 – Colored pencil and marker

  2. Carnival at Lulu’s

    Lulu’s Alibi, West Los Angeles, CA - 2/11/1994

  3. Fox Theater

    Westwood, CA - 8/16/1993 – Fountain pen

  4. Singer with Guitar

    Westwood, Los Angeles, CA – 1991 – Fountain pen – 5.75” x 8.25”

  5. Newport Beach

    8/1/1992 – Newport Beach, CA, Fountain Pen, 8.25”x6”

  6. Teatro Consorziale di Budrio

    Budrio, Italy – 1/1/1992 – Fountain pen, colored pencil, marker

  7. Self Publishing my Journals

    I am considering create a book of images from my journals that I’ve kept over the years.  I am looking at the option of self-publishing and on-demand printing.  Has anyone had success with this? 

  8. Pokemon with Alex

    Because of his interest in Pokemon, I took Alex to Gamescape North in San Rafael to participate in the Pokemon League. Since he got a set of cards for is birthday in May he has been engrossed in them. Initial Prejudice As a child, I built a collection of animal cards - my parents got me a subscription where I got a new pack of cards every month. I loved reading the cards and learning interesting facts about each one. In addition, I played Dungeons and Dragons and loved games. Seeing this Pokemon phenomenon develop as an adult, it looked to me like a waste of time – it was either a craze like...

  9. How My Father Saw the World

    Today, on father’s day, I miss my father – he passed away more than 12 years ago after a battle with cancer. When he was much younger, and my brother Daniel and I were very young, he had an 8mm movie camera and, like parents today, he chronicled his friends, family in festive occasions. I was just able to use Costco’s video conversion service to convert the film to DVDs and I’m very happy with the finished result. As part of the conversion process, Costco (YesVideo) created a few short “best of” clips. Here are three of them to see how my father saw the world...

  10. Enter to Win a BALL Watch by Creating one in Silverlight

    Here is something that I’ve been working on: BALL Watch USA and Microsoft are teaming up to give you a reason to try the new Expression Studio 4 to build one of the Ball watches in Silverlight 4 like this. You can win one of the watches! Ball Watch Company has a line of beautiful railroad-inspired watches aimed at the adventurers that many of us aspire to be – their motto is “ Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions .” I originally created the Trainmaster Cannonball Watch in Silverlight 1 in about 8 hours, converted it to Silverlight 2 when it was released, then I...