The Charette Project

Michael Scherotter's Digital Playground

  1. Wall-E "Down to Earth"

    Loved this movie!

  2. AT&T Barack Obama

    My friend DJ Pooh just sent this to me. Very funny!

  3. Alexander in his Flying Saucer

  4. Brookside Upper Lego Engineering

    Video: Brookside Upper Lego Engineering

  5. The Gingerbread Man

    Alicia Howard's Kindergarten class at Brookside Lower school in San Anselmo, California act out a play of The Gingerbread Man.

  6. Ice Cube's Goes Live with Silverlight

    This is a video I shot at doing my job as an Evangelist for Microsoft.

  7. A Farm Story

    Alex Scherotter tells a short story about a pig with his brother Sam.

  8. Alexander Plays

  9. Thanksgiving 2005

    Family Thanksgiving at Palio d'Asti in San Francisco. My brother Dan is the Chef/Owner.

  10. Snow

    Watch Alex play in the snow.